Not-for-profit film festival screened in eight locations in NZ showcasing international and NZ adventure flying films. 
Lifting the festival off the ground was a great experience for our team of five. Our aim was to introduce the adventure flying sport to broader audiences in a positive way.
I have used bright colours to lift the 'boldness' of the actions in the photographs and to create visually engaging and memorable materials for all communication channels. 
My involvement included brand strategy, graphic design, various management & organisational help. Direction and design for video content/trailers/on-screen titles.
Trophies for the seven winning film makers. These pepper grinders meant to be used around a house, not as usual trophies standing in a corner... these meant to send message to the winners to 'Spice up your life!' (when you not adventure flying).
Trailer created in collaboration with Pedro Pimentel Visuals  |
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